Bye Bye account? Please help me

Hi there, Im called 019 in game, And Im desperate and dont know what else to do. So as I said, Im 019 on the EUW server and 3 days ago my account got permanently suspended. I went to log on like I do pretty much everyday to find a message telling my account is permanently suspended and to refer to the email linked to the account, So shocked ive gone and checked it to see why this would happen to be told this "Your account has been permanently suspended following the use of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends." So slightly annoyed and confused I sent a ticket to basically ask what the hell is this all about, After getting 2 responses to various emails in 48 hours, Both of Which were clearly pre-scripted I've been told They wont undo the suspension and thats the end of it. So basically guys, Im borderline desperate here, I have spent over 3 and a half years playing on this account, Spent a shameful amount of money on it, Probably edging closer to the thousands than I'd like to admit and I have never touched nore tried to use any kind of script and or hack in any off that time. I said I would do anything to prove this to only be met by copy pasted answers. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this, This account means a huge amount to me and I cant just see it go over something I haven't done. I dont know what else to do. SO please any advice or pray a Rioter reads this messsage me or whatever, I would appricate this more than you know. Edit/followup - So thanks for all the comments guys and suggestions, I have finally got another response over a day later and it says the same stuff, Im still not sure what Im banned for, What proof they have or why they did it. I feel comfy enough to share what he had to say - "Hello again, I understand your frustration towards this matter, but due to there being a history of players wanting to know how to avoid being caught in the future we do not disclose information in regards to how we have confirmed this. You may not have this intention, but we've made our policy firm. The suspension on this account will not be lifted. I understand it's hard to lose something that you invested time and money into, but the use of exploits were found in multiple games which provided the players in those matches with a negative experience that we are unable to reverse. We took action to protect the fairness and integrity of the Fields of Justice, and we stand firm on our decision to suspend this account. I won't be able to help you any further regarding this account, but if you have any other questions or concerns about anything else please let me know. If you do not, I will have to consider this matter resolved and close the ticket. Broken Blade Riot Games Player Support" So basically Im being asked to take the Broken Blade guys word for it that I've done a bad and naughty thing and thats the end of it. this is clearly another copy-paste answer and Im not gonna give up, I have thrown another response at them in the hopes I will get someone to talk to me like a human and help me understand why my account was taken and what for. Im not happy with strange reason they are giving me. Them also withholding information is not fair or right, As someone being accused, Weather that be a crime or something like this, It is a right to know why something is taken from you. This to me is proof of what people have been saying for along time, There support system is heavily flawed and could do with some serious work.
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