Kindred useless?

Kiting her jungle camps fine, but she feels like she's always behind, like it's just one item away from being able to carry. Is it just me? My usual build is Bloodrazor, Berserker's Boots, Hurricane, then depending on the situation, usually Shiv or Firecannon, but it feels like Riot made it extremely hard to snowball with her. Compare her to a Vi, and kindred, while fun, seems inferior. Ulti is strong, but her killing always feels like I got lucky and needed help from a teammate. I just lost a game and I noticed that WITH upgraded boots, her speed is under 400! Are you serious? Her W range is small, she needs time to kill, and then they make it hard to stick to a target? The passive makes for a good distraction to have terrible jungle pathing. :P Vi does % damage to health from the get go. No need to go around the map risking death in enemy territory or lose time for farm, go gank or something. From my games so far with kindred, I have never gotten to buy a fifth item, but people say Kindred is a hypercarry! How to get those kills! I pop my red smite, w, AA, q, AA, e, but still people either run away or nearly wreck me because I am so squishy! She is a speed champ. Xin is also one. But Xin feels so strong on lvl 3, while Kindred...doesn't at all. :/ Her range. You are squishy, you have bad range, and you have super poor speed. So if you don't manage to kill, sayonara buddy. I don't wanna give up on her. I like the champ. I am asking people who main her, what am I missing? So far it feels like she is always lacking something to kill off the target. The amount of times someone ran off with a small amount of health is ridiculous. XD Any tips would be hugely appreciated. Links to good Kindred mains who stream or anything. She has a 1.6% play rate. Is it because she is simply bad since the last patches, or because people are missing something that makes her work?
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