RNG reward severely nerfed?

I've opened 7-8 night and dawn orbs, got one JACKPOT, but compared to season 9 where a jackpot contained 2-3 skins or 1-2 skins + in-game currency, this season there was one lousy epic skin shard... Season10 a jackpot is only a 1350 rp epic skin shard? The skins I got from the rest of the orbs were 520-720 rp and one 975 rp... All rerolled into oblivion because I don't play any of those champions (that is a different issue by the way, how about including an algo in the reward system that at least gives you ONE skin shard for a owned champion every 5-6 orbs/rerolls goddamit). Seriously? This is what we pay 20$/£ for? Why are you getting greedy over in-game rewards? Did EA games swoop in and buy majority stocks from wallstreet while we weren't watching? This is the first season where I regret buying a pass..
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