I made the same mistake twice in a row and it cost me 2 games

So in my first game, I put trust into my team and they let me down by twice basing for no reason when we could get objectives, instead the enemy took them and we eventually lost the game. Okay so 2nd game, i am salty and because i don't want to be flamed i make it clear to my team that im going to just play my game, they can do as they please. I pick Udyr again. There was 3 easy ganks top, so i said, hey sure i am Udyr but i can help my team and gank for the Ryze and get him snowballing. No, he ignored me when I ganked and i lost so much from doing it. I thought they were easy ganks but rune prisioning is just too hard. In the end of the day my team flamed me because they all lost lane. Eventhough I briefed them in champ select and they said they wouldn't flame me, they did. Morale of the story, don't trust your team to do anything. Like there is this concept of team play, but why risk the entire game on it. If your team doesn't do their part, you only have yourself to blame for trusting them. I just feel stupid because i said at the start of the game, i wouldn't trust my team to do anything, but 3 times i relied on my Ryze to let me gank for him and he straight up watched and we lost so much for it. When you are playing Udyr it is just really hard, because when you try to help your team they just don't accept it and then they make sure to pinging on you constantly because riot refuses to let us mute it. And then there is the fact you cant stop them from trying to take your camps. I spent so long in normals practicing Uydr and it was going so great, I was solo carrying and I was doing my own thing. Then when I bring it to ranked, I total fk it up. I am so disappointed in myself.
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