Giveaway of Championship Ashe!

So I really enjoyed that Riot did with championship Ashe. For those who don't know what im talking about they are giving 25% of the earns to charity. When I heard about it I wanted to buy the skin just for that. But I want to do a good action too and im giving away the skin! All you have to do is just post you IGN in the comments and that's it. The giveaway will end day 24 by the end of the day. I'm also giving the skin right away so when it ends i'm going to post the winner here. You will get a friend request from me "IGN: ZeCarrilho". The only think i ask , is sometimes it is good to think about the other people too and when you do something good, you'll get rewarded somehow. :) So the way the winner was chosen is everyone gets a number. So first one gets number 1, the second one number 2 and so on. I used one of the most popular random number generator to get the number. And the number was '72', which means galaxysouls wins!!!! You will get a friend request from "ZeCarrilho" to give you the skin. Note: You have 24 hours to redeem your gift, or another one will get the skin Thanks for all the people who got into the giveaway i will do more in the future! Another edit: The first one didnt accept my friend request. What i did was randomized a lot of numbers the first to accept would be the winner Nemesis Reaper was the one! Next time just be more aware please :)
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