Back in the days I really loved Red Alert :D

Hi, when I was young I really used to play Red Alert 2 with my older brother it was really addictive game we played like 2 vs 2 with his friends :D He was pro on this game he was researching strategies and overall it was a really enjoyable experience for me, I really miss these days Then Red Alert 3 came out my brother thought it was worse than Red Alert 2 but I still liked it Recently I saw that even though the game was amazing there aren't really a lot of professional tournaments on this game Like . . . It was really a awesome competitive game, so hard to play, even pros couldn't keep track of their units for so long For me it was way better than Starcraft even though I never played Starcraft in my whole entire life . . . well I have seen some vids but . . . Never mind I just wanted to share my obsession with this game xD **bb :)**
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