The Client and EUW server needs more than 1 intern developer Riot (rant)

Server problems: Sitting here now locked out of a ranked game and client with 500 ping towards the EUW league server, but 15 ping to anything else like google, so there is no problem from my side, and this happens frequently for no reason what so ever, and its only towards the EUW server. The support page currently tells me i have 21 ping to the EUW server, meanwhile in CMD im pinging towards the EUW server with 250 ping and 50% packet lose. Thanks for the help. Client problems: 1/3 times after the game ends the client completely bugs, and you are not able to press anything other than restarting it, this has lead to not being able to report a handful of toxic players and rage quiters. Thank you Riot. And yes i have tried to repair the garbage client. The client is super slow and slugish, which ends up with accidentally dodging games, because the timer either jumps 3-4 seconds for some reason, or the client wont lock your pick in, unless you spam the lock button over 5-8 times. Unsaved runes because the client neglects to save runes, for no reason other than it just being super %%%%ing slow. %%%%ing upgrade your servers already with the showers of %%%%ing money that you have Riot, and %%%%ing fire the team that develops your trash client, since they are literally %%%%ing monkeys on computers that have no %%%%ing clue what they are doing, let alone developing anything that works. Sincerely someone who actually wants to play your %%%%ing game. P.S %%%%ing fire Ghostcrawler already. Dumbasses. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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