The Ancestor champion design

Hi again guys, I'm back but this time I want to suggest a whole new champion whose archetype I feel lacks in league. This champion I simply call the Ancestor and he would be the Lovecraftian/cosmic horror guy for LoL, with his theme of hopelessness and true isolation. His backstory is that he is a rich noble who got bored of convential pleasures and power and started to get interested in the occult, eventually discovering the truth behind the void, he now lives to help the void spread and close the cycle of existance. I won't go too much into details about the backstory both because it is pretty big and is the league team has already (very probably) created the story behind the void so it would a waste to write my spin into details.TL;DR the universe is born and then destroied every 10 billion years or so, but the big guys at targon want to avoid this cosmic reset because they foolishly belive they will save all life on the universe. The Ancestor knows the truth that if this cycle is broken the universe will eventually die off and nothing will bring it back, at least this is what the entity who created the void and revaled the truth to the Ancestor told him. Passive: cosmic isolation *We are, all, alone in this universe* When an enemy champion is CCed by the Ancestor or is whithin singularity radius he will be invisible to his team for 1 second. The same champion cannot be affected for X seconds Q: abysall artillery *The fire of the stars is eternal* The Ancestor opens a portal in front of him that fire 5 bolts of energy forward stirking the first enemy hit. More hits on the same target deals reduced damage. The Ancestor can move steer the portal while turning at a reduced speed (think {{champion:161}} ulti). W: singularity *Not even light can escape him* The Ancestor targets a point creating a black hole on it. The black hole will slowly pull enemies within a radius towards it. When the duration ends the black hole collaps pulling enemies towards it (not fully so if you are on the outher edge you don't reach the center). If the black hole catches a champion when collaps him and the Ancestor are brought to the void (a reskin of summoner's rift) where there are only them and no minons or monster. After some time,if the enemy champion or the Ancestor dies him and the ancestor are brought back to summoners rift. As a note the Ancestor has a corrupted model with tentacles and eyes and mouths all over his body when in the void E: eldritch pull *You will retrurn to him* The Ancestor opens a portal and then chooses a direction (think Viktor's E in term of the acutal skillshot). A Tentacle then comes out of the portal and pull the first enemy to it R: the cosmic horror *Behold the horror behind the starts* This ability can only be used in the void. The Ancestor throws an eldritch tentacle. If it hits a champion it will intially fear him and then start to drain a % of his max health from the champion healing the Ancestor for a % of his max health. The tentacle can be severed by walking away enough from the Ancestor. The cooldown of this ability is resetted when exiting the void Hope you like the concept and hit me up with that constructive criticism

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