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Hello summoners of the rift!! I've been playing some wierd champion/role combinations for the last few weeks which turned out to be quite fun and good (in normals, idk in ranked :P). Offcourse I thought about the combinations for a bit (i'm not doing it totally random). My question is: **which off-meta combinations do you sometimes pick?** mine are: Support: Cassiopeia {{champion:69}} Pros: 2 people in lane to stack your passive on. huge dmg and poison poke). You can zone the enemy adc from farm with your poison. cc on the ult is just amazing and will always get you at least one kill Cons: very vulnerable, no escapes from ganks. mana costs are early game without the midlane items pretty high. She needs the damage items which you can't really afford early as supp (since you need to get your support item {{item:3303}} and sightstone) Support: Jayce {{champion:126}} Pros: His dmg is just insane. If you're in lane with someone like ashe, vayne or quinn your combined damage will always get you at least one kill during an all-in. zeke's herald is very good on him (it adds some damage, health, cdr and life steal) and he seems to be the only one in this role (and maybe the whole game xD) who can use this item. As support i didn't really find myselfout of mana which i did in the top lane. You can keep your support items as they work well on jayce (wards are always good and zeke's herald is just fine late game) Cons: everyone will think you're a troll and go afk or flame at you even though you show how good you play. A few times i was alone in lane and got a double kill and still o got flamed (they called me a noob for killing them without the adc around to take the kills - i was going to die if i ran away so i didn't have a choice to go in - and more flaming). you don't really have something to protect your adc besides your gate for speed, which has a long cooldown Jungle Braum {{champion:201}} Pros: He is a tank but you can also go for the troll attack speed build. With his passive he has a little faster camp clear then other tanky junglers and a little less vulnerable. Ping your teammates to step close to the wall for a suprise over-the-wall-gank. Your ganks are very succesfull if you can get your teammate to go in with you to proc your stun. your ult can be used to steal *ahem* secure dragons/barons from the other side of the wall. Cons: Same as jayce, you will be on fire like shyvana because of all the flame (which makes you a good jungler because a cinderhulk buff without getting the item is pretty good and will improve your camp clear even more, but that's not the point). you will fall behind if you don't gank, and you will fall behind if you don't clear your camps and you cannot do these things at the same time. maybe more in the future! again, which are your favorite picks?
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