So people should just suicide Riot Games? Remove Ekko video NOW!

Ekko: Seconds
Some things are worth fighting for. Time and time again.
This may seem like a joke to you but it is a strong argument. The Ekko: Seconds video must be taken down urgently. Why? Gaming is famous for attracting a lot of asocial nolifers with more than a ton of issues in their lives. I have been gaming since you guys were semen and one thing I frequently see in games is people who tell me about their sad and pathetic lives. One guy I remember from World of Warcraft was a guild master of a very successful guild who had this girl in the guild who he dedicated his life to simply because it was so pathetic. All she did was yell at him to get gear and raid spots and when she did get mad at him he would disband the raid and log off. Much later he was put into a home for people with mental issues as he started being suicidal. I have seen these kinds of people too often in games and I assure you that someone reading this shares this problem. The one thing these people have in common is that they wasted their time. People just love to regret their life and think that because they have either spent all their high school time on games they are not going to be anything worthwhile anymore. Some might go on Facebook and see that their peers are successful and get pretty good jobs and promotions while they perhaps dropped out of school or just did not bother. Then there are others who are asocial and were never as popular as they liked again making them regret their past behavior. One thought these kinds of people all struggle with is that, if they have already wasted so much time, should they bother with living? Many of them think there is no point if they already messed up, the same way many Asians have the mindset of just going AFK and restarting a game when they mess up once because they want a perfect run. Ekko says that people who do not make most of their time do not deserve a single second more which will definitely encourage suicide for people I have discussed above which are a majority in the gaming community.
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