Quitting the League

Hi everyone. Few days ago I decided to quit League of Legends. Reasons? Let's start. Have you ever noticed this strange losing streak after winning streak in ranked? You just won 5 games in a row, you feel almost invincible, you think how good are you, how great this game is, how you never lose again and climb to challenger tier. Yeah, everybody experienced this. But after your hot winning streak you start to strangely losing several matches in a row. Your games are totally screwed, teammates are just dummies or useless living wards. How is that losing streak even possible after so many almost perfect matches? Here is my theory. Imagine gambler in casino. He just lost huge amount of money, what would he do? Exactly, he wants his money back. This is his motivation. What is League player's motivation after being demoted? Yeah, he or she wants to climb back and regain his former division. The principle is the very same and Riot knows that. Riot's way to keep League players is this dirty system. Why do you think Riot is hiding matchmaking algorithm? Because it's manipulated and corrupted. After your winning streak you start to lose because matchmaking wants you to lose and it will match you with bad or worse players than you so you will lose your MMR, lose your division and force you to play even more matches to regain your former elo. You may be angry, you may say to yourself that you quit League. But in vain. A player wants his position back, exactly like gambler wants his money back. And thats the main reason I have quit, because it's more than likely that this dirty system exists. A player may be very good at this game, he may have perfect mechanics, excellent map awareness, god KDA. But the player won't climb until Riot's matchmaking system wants him to climb. I am saying that becuase I have experienced this a lot. I was definitely one of the most observant, capable, ambitious, and in general the most solid player in there. I played clever, I didn't make so much stupid mistakes or greedy plays. I know it's cliche, but I deserved more. And yet I didn't climb. I only experienced this losing and winning streaks and now I know why it was happening. "One person can't win you a game, he can't carry you, but one person can lose you a game." Yet another reason. Ragey, toxic and feeding community. Another reason? {{item:3060}} This. I don't know what was Riot even thinking? Were they drunking while they were buffing this Banner? And no hotfix is coming. It has huge impact on game. League is League no more since this terrible buff. Quitting the League is probably the best way to evade health problems and to start doing something useful in my life, or just playing singleplayer games which will give me much more than this salty game. Thank you for reading my theory and my reasons, I hope you will think about that. Have a nice day everyone!
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