If you are single, dont worry!

This goes for both guys and girls. If you are single, dont worry! People waste too much time on thoughts like _ima be single forever_ or _there is no one for me_. In truth, there is a lid for every cup. Keep that in mind. Dont give depression time or effort because it does not deserve it. Instead, focus on your own goals and self improvement, and someone might notice ;D Fellas: the true definition of being a man is to be 'yourself', but the best version of yourself. There is no need to be anyone but you! Ladies: you are all pretty flowers (not flowers persè lol, some women want to be something else) and the same can be said for you, no need to be anyone but you! One more thing; do not aim to find someone in your life in order to feel 'complete'. Realize that you can be complete even when you are single. A relationship is not equal to 0,5 + 0,5 = 1. Its equal to 1 + 1 = 2. That is all, just felt like sharing this real quick. Dont ask me why >.> Awoo awoo
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