Help North-African & Middle-Eastern Players !

What's up fellow lolers & gamers? I am a player from Israel, My latency is roaming around 77~120+ (Depends on the time of the day&the week) when playing on the EUNE/EUW Servers. When playing high mechanical champions on this latency (Like Zed, LeBlanc, Lee Sin etc.), you can not play those champions to the max, It even sometimes makes last-hitting harder, Or just generally clicking a combination of buttons quickly a lot tougher to do . I have met a very large amount of Middle Eastern & North African players just like me, having the exact same problem. The North-African & Middle Eastern is not a small community! Players from Morrocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Qatar DO suffer from this latency problem, We all do want to play with a low latency range like 15~30, We do want to enjoy the game like everyone else. Our countries's Internet Service Providers are not allowing us to purchase 40mbps+ internet speed like most of the developed countries in the world. Some of us wants to play ranked game modes, but are not allowed to play our best because our latency range does not allow us to play the best of us. Us; North-African & Middle Eastern players would be more than be thankful if a Rioter will reply to this topic, Cheers!
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