The role of a jungler.

Is really hard. We have to do everything you do and more. - ward/clear wards - buffs - dragons/baron - counter jungle. - other. That all takes time. I can't sit in lane and just wait for this to happen, I have to go out and get my farm. That means, that although you have died early on, that is most likely your fault, as I can't be everywhere. Flaming me for no ganks after dying 7 times doesn't help. Maybe a gank isn't possible, maybe you pushed the lane. You minions won't attack you for trying to farm them, every single creature in the jungle will cause damage to me, that takes time and levels (around 4) to be safe enough to make some ganks. I can't drop everything due to your folly. Play safer and ward and if I can make a gank, a gank will happen. I love the jungle, but hate the flame that I get for 'making 0 ganks' or an enemy laner has gone to %%%% with my buffs and takes them, kills me because the laner is still derping and farming with no notification that he's just gone.
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