I love League of Legends

Hi guys, my name is Jay! I have been playing League of Legends since Season 4 and I just wanted to post about how much I enjoy League of Legends even through all the frustrating moments and the meta changes and hate that the game gets. It has been their for me and helped me vent and kept me from being a total loner with my anti-social self. Anyways, I remeber my first game was with Fizz and I ran it down bot and died over and over lol. Now I am not that great still, Ive reached my skill cap of Plat 4-5 elo and I am content with that. Nowadays I play normals and experiment with builds {{champion:59}} {{item:3089}} , and my favorite thing in the game, I love to farm minions. Its actually great! But overall I just wanted to express my love and joy for the game, thank you Riot for the great game and wonderful moments youhave given me over the years and good luck everyone out there playing League of Legends on the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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