Project: BoS [A script to remember stuff]

So i got bored of writing everything on a notepad so i decided I'll write a script to easily store all those juicy account names and my delicious ntoes and gif links. This is why im making the Book of Skulls (shut up i suck at naming stuff) ___ #Why am i telling you this? Well because If literally anyone is interested in it i'll post the finished template for you to use. Now if enough people are interested I'll post a Script that just asks you where you wanna write something down and then saves it and is able to use those saved files as a sort of memory. All of this will be written in batch so all you need is windows and you are good to go ___ #Here's a quick bare bones draft I wrote: #Suggestions are also welcome! #For this script AND future script ideas. ___ #No this has nothing to do with cheating in league
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