My Odyssey Gem results

Hello, I just wanted to share with you my experience. So, with my Odyssey Gem, i picked the Birdie Bag. It is the least risky out of the five choices. A lot of sets have a lot of skins (more chances of getting more skin shards unless you got a really bad luck - ex: Kaiju Set). I had wished to get Star Guardian Season 1 or Season 2. I was fine with either. Otherwise, i had wished to get a set with a lot of skins so i could get more Orange Essence and/or unlock more skins like Pool Party (17 skins) - Project (12 skins). Finally, i got the World Champions : 2015 set : - SKT T1 Alistar - SKT T1 Azir - SKT T1 Elise - SKT T1 Kalista - SKT T1 Renekton - SKT T1 Ryze I got to say that i was disappointed to not get the Star Guardian Set. I wasn't interested in this set. I am not spitting on Rito. When you open a bag, you surely got your sights on one particular set, right ? It's that kind of disappointment. But i am thankful to not get the Kaiju Set or sets with only two~three skins. And you, Summoners, what did you get ? Don't hesitate to share in the comments (and with your thought process, like why you picked this and not that bag, what you expected and what you got). Chibi Shinigami
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