I know how to fix the EUNE Draft Mode Problem!

As you all know many players from EUNE are upset about the Normal Draft removal and Riot's strongest argument for not keeping it is, that the playerbase was too small. Riots argument might make sense and to be honest it does make alot of sense. But there is the question, why not removing Blind Pick instead? Again the playerbase from Blind Pick is too huge and the uproar would be way bigger than currently. And if Blindpick would be the smaller one, then Riot would have removed Blindpick instead of Normal Draft. So why is Blind Pick the bigger game mode? Simple: Because you need 16 Champions to play Draft. Because of that new players don't play Draft because they simply can't. Also, because people like to stick with old stuff, those players wont change to Draft. On top of that, many players don't even know that Normal Draft exists. Now, Riot can't reduce the Champions required to play Draft, because 6 Bans + 9 potential players that pick before you = 15 Champions taken away from you. So you need at least 16 Champions, because otherwise it could happen that you can't pick a Champion. How can we fix this? Just make more free2play Champions. If you would make at least 16 free2play Champions, then everyone could play Draft no matter if you got Champions or not. And in this situation, you could also remove Blind Pick, making the playerbase for Draft even bigger so that queue times get lower. --- #In a nutshell, bring back Draft, remove Blind and increase the number of free2play Champions to 16.
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