Anyone else feel like they aren't good enough? (League related)

It's been a bit over a year now since I told myself that i wanna get Master Tier and I decided to put alot of time and effort into it. Since then i watched a ton of VOD of higher elo players and tried to learn as much as i can from it. When i started my journey I was d5 with plat MMR. I decided I had enough if being "okay" at this game: I wanna get good at it. The first few months went really well. I climed to d2 promos in a matter of 3 months before Season 8 ended and I thought I could reach Master in Season 9. However this year has been anything but motivating. In this Year i managed to only peak D1 promos. For a whole year of trying to improve, this feels like nothing. After i lost my 4th D1 promo i now dropped to d4 and now i struggle to carry Games in d4/d3. I have this feeling that I am not good enough and honestly it can be really crushing. I like to be good at the things i do and in league I am far away from it despite all of my efforts trying to improve. Since I dont want this post to just be about me, It's your turn. Anyone else feeling the same? feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Else have a nice day and GL reaching your goals!
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