Azir and zyra, from mediocre to plain broken

So zyra has a q that just melts your hp an e that goes through minions and roots you forever, and a w that spawns saplings that when an ability goes through it and litterally just says:" yup you're dead". While azir has a q that does MEH damage, a w that spawns soldiers that do decent damage, an e that gives you a dash and like no shield at all, and an ult that says you go over there. But when you go for his ult combo , if they are good players they see it coming and dash away because it's easy to just avoid it because it's superslow, and if they get hit by it. They can dash right on through WHAT? Camille that can 1v1 so many champions has an ult that isolates her and a target and no dash or FLASH can go through her ult. But azir's ult that does like no damage, is just a wall you can't walk through.... but is litterally very easy to dodge or dash through so when you are low elo like me, you have to play everything right to the spot or you're suiciding.... . Then his passive..... a turret that does MEH damage, that is only there for every 3 minutes .... ???????? what? you could've given him like no passive then either, cause it's pretty much useless. at least reduce the cooldown on it because he is so mediocre if you haven't played him for so many games. I played him maybe like 50 games, and I know that's not a lot and such, but I can do his combo and I know that he does a lot of damage if you play him right. But just his passive and ult feel like such a missed oppurtunity, while his e q and w have not that far of a reach ( which i understand) but the ult and passive could be a little bit better in my honest opinion. So yeah please.
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