Why is C9 'Meteos' not getting punished?

EDIT: his op.gg : http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Short+Dog Doing this for 5+ games Edit 2 : "nutty spamming pings and "not trying his hardest" permabanned (its funny because it was meteos that got him banned, since he was crying like a kid about him) meteos ints 5+ games HARD 1/29 2/27 etc.... a warning and maybe short account ban" Oh wait I forgot, Riot are liars about the whole 'we treat every player equal' statement "Let's admit it, if he doesn't get punished/gets a little warning which will do nothing then Riot clearly has a big favoritism for this guy." Ban Tyler1, but let this fool free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epL5Ug9JcBI&feature=youtu.be Much freedom, Much Sense, Much RITO Kappa and to add this is from a reddit post which i then double checked and it turned out to be correct, THIS ISNT JUST ONE GAME!: "Hmm i went through his match history and it seems like he has been doing this for more than 1 game since he went 1/11 on j4 and 3/17 on ziggs" "1/11 could just be a standard unlucky solo queue game tbh. but 3/17 ziggs on the other hand xD." "yeah he had another game where he went 3/15 on yasuo or something.Its more than one game and seems bannable imo"
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