does this deserves 14 days ban?

meh ur some noobs ^_^ nice lsot game mate ^_^ ahahahah u will need come more often sweet do i love free double kills ^_^ no flash mid not u udyr udyr why u stop fckin follow jesus christ ur too noob m8 ^_^ baysiting top wont make u win ^_^ bcus i get babysit ^_^ come agian plz udyr can u see his ganks why cant u do that ^_^ try play vs feed lb kha ^_^ lb can u not come ? u that blind #? i see dont be mad in late when u loose ahhaha op gank kha wp wp plz feed lb more <3 poor 2-6 will win ahahaa with blue eaz u can go play vs bots lb vome ouch -20 ? said babysiting top wont make u win blame ur jungler hahaha premades its asad only can gank his friend ;/ sleeep sleep lb open ur cinese eyes if u cane with me u would get fre toiplr but u cant open ur eyes never ouch told u try to play vs feed lb ^_^ wp smite all mid all mid udyr sona i dive their turet fckin udyr and sona famring kk i go farm rest of game u can see blue but u cant see team mates in help cus of me ur fed cus of me u can loose meh full dmg hkha u need to learn how to paly u have lb in enemy team and u have 0 magic resist how u wanna win noobie? ur loosing ^_^ why u have hydra ? its 2 late now to go mr ty for uilt i love izi wins especialy when u think u win ahhaahha u just died by smite gj blue ez u win -20 u could stun them lb nab ff 1 more thing u think i care about a game ahaahaha ok i troll i make them loose :D im coming ur turrets on mid] o wait u dont have turrets they drgon what u gonna reprt me for spam? i can talk if i want u can mute me, i report u for hate speech carry them and they want report me ;/ dont be mad lb cus i play betetr then u gg izi
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