like i beg help me i will go nuts if i dont get some advice please guys for the sake of my sanity

ok my name is as u see here im smurf but i got a hard time climbin out of bronze dude.i get %%%ing 20+ kills per game and i just apperantely i cant carry with twitch or draven bcs i get dogshit teammates . one game we had voli top and yasuo. yasuo didnt even ping and he was 0 following and they 4 man us on bot and got first tower ok.he came to take all my farm i had 60 cs bcs they stayed 4 on bot for like 10 mins + and we had draven thresh on enemy team.they stomped us but i still managed to get to late game.i told them buy wards and controls. my voli camped 5 min in a bush than died bcs he got caught and told me im trash.i admit i m a big flamer i go %%%ing nuts when i see how %%%%%%ed they are but dude i told them w8 for me to kill them and they died one by one. i swear to %%%ing god i will go nuts if i play one more game in bronze.i got myself 7 acc banned all perma for flame bcs my teamates didnt listen and riot is not even takin any measurements against those players dk man give me an advice to stop flaming. i legit didnt managed to get out of silver iwh 90% + bcs either their draven got fed or any other lane got fed and my team said : "we ff or open and lose hope" or idk man i need advice.i wanted to buy aboost just to get me out of this trash division . oh yeah and they ddint even pushed the lane they freeze it on the game i told u about like dk man these players shouldnt be allowed to play the game they are all bad.
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