Yuumi is the weaker version of sona

Yuumi and sona are pretty much the same except sona is way more powerfull. Sona has way better slow and longer slow. Sona's heal is better lower cooldown. Sona has better shield lower cooldown. Sona has better speed buff. Sona's Ult has an instant stun. Sona has more damage sona has better stats. Sona has better scaling. Sona has AOW shields and damage buff Sona can DeBuff the enemy. Yuumi can give AP AD. Longer range Q And can AFK And become untargetable More mobility unless ur team dies Yuumi is bad designed. i love the champion design but i hate her kit. I love cats really much but i wont play this champ unless she gets fixed. What to fix. Her Q slow duration for sure. Her E cooldown and mana cost. Maybe at a slow on her Ultimate aswell. Higher base stats
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