The dark future of League for PC - Is the game dying?

League is turning 10 years old, and that's huge. It's a great milestone to the community, the game itself and Riot, no doubt about it. We were informed by riot that they are working on League Mobile, a fighting game and a first person shooter (which I don't know if its league related, or just another overwatch/cod generic game). While that's good news for some, I believe is one of the worst decisions Riot has ever made. I am genuinely concerned about the future of it's main game mode - Summoners Rift for pc - and League as an esport in general. League is not an easy game to pick up. It's literally one of the most complex games that I can think of. I was watching Worlds in my living room and a non player friend asked me about the towers. I spent like 3-4 minutes just explaining how plates, aggro and priority works. Imagine going through skills and cooldowns for 150 characters, dragons, buffs, items, runes, matchups, powerspikes, not mentioning the macro. TFT and (perhaps) League Mobile are much easier to pick up, therefore some people will stop playing the more complex version of the game, and that hurts everybody - you, me, riot and Esports. That even disencourages people from picking up the real game, if there are simpler and dumbed down alternatives to it. I really don't see how adding alternatives to summoners rift will benefit the game at all. It might maked Riot more money temporarily, but can anyone see a mobile game or TFT last for a decade? Is TFT that good that Riot will reach new players who are alien to League, or is TFT just making people who already play League play less Summoners Rift? The same goes for mobile League. It seems like a lite easier faster version of League, which is good for casual players I guess, but not sustainable, or not even competitive in the world of mobile games. Riot should focus on bringing new dedicated players to its community, not decimate an already decreasing player base. I just think it's an awful decision for the game we all know and love. Fewer players in summoners rift hurts everyone. I fear that League PC will become a dying irrelevant game that only a handful of people play. The end of an era. Well, those are my thoughts on the matter. Am I just an old man trying to keep a dying game alive? Are new game modes better for the community somehow? I would like to hear what you guys think of it, and if you don't think that is a horrible decision, let me know why. Cheers

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