Ok, enough with this. Just stop.

Good night, good morning or good afternoon when ever you guys are reading my thread. Hello Community, Lately I have been pretty pssed (yes you heard) about the recent behavior on boards. Dont worry guys, this is not an in game behavior rant, Im talking about inmature, selfish, and stupid behavior on the BOARDS, and it has to do with the voting system. "Oh my god, the @sshole is here to teach us a lesson about how to use Boards correctly! freaking amazing! *****kappa*****" I dont know about you, but recently, people have been abusing the boards to the point of ridiculousness. The Boards is a place to express your thoughts, a place to fool around, a place to say Good morning community (shout out to GPets monday threads), a place to inform players, the Boards is a place where the community can talk and have a good time. There a loads of awesome, simple, fun, heart warming threads everyday in the boards, and for some G0DDAMN reason people find it funny to downvote the sht out of it. Yeah the voting system is harmless, it means nothing (it literally means nothing), HOWEVER the use of it over the past few MONTHS (yes, this little joke has been going for months now) has become stupid. I saw a thread the other day about the "mysterious downvoter", if you guys have seen it, well this thread of mine is somewhat similar, however, I want to express my opinion on the matter (and not just downvote or upvite it). First of all, the voting system does not express you opinion, that´s what the comments are for. People are voting down for nothing. (examples) "Oh, a monday GPet thread? better down vote cause I can!" "Hey Delde just made a thread, better down vote him cause its fcking Delde!" (this is more of a joke xD) "Hey Solash just made a thread, I dont know why but I have the urge to downvote her" (again, another joke) "oh wow, this is the 20th Dead eye thread, its really good, its super interesting, but im downvoting because I consider it spam". "Aaaawwww, this person just made a heartwarming thread thanking the community for being nice! Guess I must downvote!" Like I said before, the voting system means nothing, there is no value to it, but the use of it has gone from a bad joke, to some dumb sht at this point. People have started using the voting system like the freaking report system. People report but with no legit proof. Its annoying at this rate is what I am trying to say. And to Riot and/or any Boards moderators, I really hope you revaluate this Upvote and Downvate thing, because its getting childish now. Now, some threads do and should get some downvotes, death threat threads, that one is a bit obvious. You see an act against morality or a lack of manners in the boards, then by all means downvote. The person making the thread is being rude and his voice is intoxicating, so if you downvote it, it means people should avoid that thread. And here is the issue. We live in a society where we must get upvotes and likes, and all the views in the world. We seek attention, we seek originality (damn I feel like I am making a movie script now). To some the votes mean nothing, to others it means the world (mainly for bragging rights), but the reason the votes are a thing is to get recognition. If a post gets a million likes, people will want to see it, they are interested "Hmm, why so many likes? let me see". There are threads out there that are a blast to read, and they are getting downvoted for NO REASON, people just simply downvote it, why? I just dont know. At first it was funny... Wait, was it even funny? And now it has gotten out of hand. Literally every new thread, IN LESS THAN A MINUTE it has one downvote. I mean why?! HOW?! Some of those threads are walls of text, how on earth did you manage to read it in less than a minute and "post your opinion". Well here is the news flash, that guy didnt read the thread, that person just downvoted it because he thought it was funny (btw bro, your humor is not out of this world). Im here to criticize those how are criticizing without even knowing what the are criticizing about (say that 10 times real fast). Im calling out on the bad use of the voting system. Im calling out on the lack of control FROM the community on the boards. A little bit of maturity is all I am asking from YOU. The majority of US are adults for crying out loud, we are not kids (although we would love to be kids again). We are a community, dont Donald Trump (a guy who silences and talks sht about people behind their backs. #Burned) _______________________________________ Now, Im gonna say goodnight cause its 00:20 and I am pretty tired. Do whatever you want with my thread, downvote it, upvote it, be neutral, laugh at my thread if you feel the need to or if it makes you feel good, I dont care. All I want you people to do is to post your opinion. BUT do it because you took your time to read my thread and make an opinion out of it, not because "fck it, ima downvote!". Seriously, you know this has gone too far, when people start making posts about it. This isnt even a life or death situation, this is about people behaving like children on the boards, do you know how stupid that sounds. League of Legeds is a known game world wide, we should at least have a good community supporting it. Yes our community isnt the best, BUT why cant it?! Why do we always look down when it comes to our behavior, when we can always look up and say "Hey, I want to be a part of this community, and be proud of it!". Let me tell you this right now, I am embaressed about being a part of this community, we have some really nice people here, yet the ldiots seem to have more recognition. I am making a therad about the voting system... HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BEHAVE ON THE BOARDS FOR ME AND OTHERS (cause I know I am not the only one with this opinion) TO MAKE A THREAD ABOUT IT. Good night guys!
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