Problems with league and why i am quiting forever

i just dont even want to talk about how many bugs and glitches there are. ill make it more general 1. client has hundreds of problems, ones that i ran into - client having black bars at random locations,half the client just dissapearing not beeing able to click X or play again, sometimes when you try to open loot section it doesnt work untill you go into shop section and back again 2. the game - bugs with champions ones that i ran into(not all just few)-nautilus Q going through wall,thresh Q having bad collisions (not that its big it just goes through the minions sometimes),champions that have bugs that people use as mechanics, ranged champion can cancel auto attack mid air ,cassi ult stunning me even tho i am not even facing her,zac E sometimes missing animation,sometimes missing the circle indicator and sometimes missing zac himself,yasuo windwall not even working half the time (havent got this personally it was mostly enemies and watching others play since i dont even play yasuo). 3. the crashes and punishment system- hey our game crashed because it still isnt stable. and oh yea heres a 5 game leavebuster.oh you said a naughty word? automatic ban for you. you flamed because your teammate riven is running it down and you have bard jungle? well cant do nothing sweetie not like we punish **_GRIEFING_** everything other than toxic behaviour in report tab is just a cosmetic. wait you went afk for 20 seconds then came back and got S that game? well sorry you arent getting any rewards beeing extremely grindy- hey you want to buy a champion? play 10 games and you **_MIGHT_** get some blue essence that **_MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT_** be enough for it cheers<3 know that we care about our community. 5. memory crash dump- i dont even want to talk about this shit. its not just a problem with lol but its the only instance where i have ran into it at all 6. actually get a balance team or listen to your community. hashinshin in one of his streams said about his main -aatrox and how to nerf him properly.the changes were actually made and guess what? aatrox isnt this broken champion anymore. i played against aatrox twice with diana. first time aatrox nerf wasnt yet there and i was fed diana about 6/0 and had bounty. i had 1 level advantage and about 1500 gold difference. he proceeds to 1 v 2 me and my jungler kills both of us and takes 2 towers. he didnt have one kill and he was able to do double kill againt a fed diana and another jungler. now see this i dodged 2/3rd of all of his attacks after the nerf i had same matchup and guess what? the gold advantage actually mattered. what im saying isnt that all champions should be equally as powerful but there shouldnt be that big of a gap that losing laner should be able to one shot the winning laner. he should have chance. 9.14 had problems. lets see definition of bugs in video games A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways. maybe it is a flaw failure or it produces incorrect result ooooooooooooor its just a big sign for " hey lol is buggy move to tft aahahhahaha
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