World Record Holder: most amount of afk players across multiple consecutive games

Today i have beat the world record for this category with 4 different AFK player in 5 consecutive games... GG rito pls keep unbanning pro player cause they are pro or tyler1 cause i dunno. I have 3 old acc banned fo cheating that i have use bol like 3 times after a week got banned 5 years ago in a game that everyone used to cheat but hey, i am a common player so i am still banned while pros receive a special treatment. You rito said that tyler1 and all is account should have be banned on sight but since "he regrets" then its all alright we can unban him, but when i wrote that i have cheated just for curiosity because everyone else then its not. While standard player had to deal with afk leavers horrible matchmaking and the risk of getting banned cause we hit reddit (see paolocannone) cause we have lift our ass from the chair 2 mins... So in conclusion, give a reward if we have afk in the game tnx. Or atleast, if i just altf4 after 5 games with afk dont ban me 7 days again tnx. Also can we please get back the old account that has been banned for cheating? Since pros that do eloboosting gain money and got unbanned while i have an acc that i have used bol literally one time and still banned. Riot coherence level... IS OVER 9000!!!
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