While you still pluck your head because of thus' feeders ;

I'll play this game :\ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3nSyz20miA Or this game ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hds7n8X6ukA Because ; - dafuq new masteries (**I've spent litterally 1.5 hours to redo my 2 mastery pages. And I have 7-10 more. I'm lucky I've not full-filled my pages.**) - dafuq clueless Lucian nerf - dafuq price increase @ mana regen + ap items (**MORELLO !**) - dafuq sudden ADC meta change - dafuq sudden **TONS OF ITEMS** with ADC meta change - dafuq removal of Mana Potion (**R.I.P Ahri , LeBlanc , Sivir**) - dafuq Illaoi (**Sorry sorry ... ''The Hentai Queen''**) - dafuq Void Bringer Illaoi (**Which is probably waifu of Vel'Koz**) - dafuq Nagekeburos (**dat tentacus bruh**) - dafuq Un-justiceful matchmakes - dafuq ego-filled hi-ranks. (**Sometimes**) - dafuq the stress and rage which game gives me. - dafuq feeders - dafuq AFK's - dafuq clueless system shut-downs - dafuq launcher errors - dafuq heavy game bugs 'n craches causes heavy ping and loss. *And more and more and more reasons bla bla bla ...* I'm done Riot , I wanna be warm and gentle against this game but no. You're going to ruin this game with every-second-patch. Sorry but , with pre-seasons ... this game has Max. 2 years ... not much , 2 years. And **Smite , HotS and SOW will take your and DotA's throne.** Have a **''good''(?)** game with your **''preseason**''. Regards , -- A gold friend. **P.S :** This is not a salt-pepper thread :\ **P.S 2 :** f##k heimerdingers. **P.S 3 :** yolo. **P.S 4 :** Did i mentioned f##k heimerdingers ? **P.S 5 :** Okay i shut up :\ ... ... ... Buy swain get freelo. # #yolo
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