Riot is setting me up.

Last weekend I was placed on Bronze 3. I never really played ranked the other seasons, only the placements and I always ended up on silver 3. This season, i'm playing more ranked and actually climbed to Silver 2 in a few days, i was on a good winning streak but now... oh ma'am. I've been on a HUGE losing streak, i've been demoted to silver 3 and i'm at currently 0 LP. What changed? I don't know. I still play like I always did but it seems to me that there is ALWAYS someone on my team who feeds CONSISTENTLY and ends up by losing us the game. BUT WHY? since i reached silver 2 my team ALWAYS has that one person who feeds, feeds and feeds. I honestly think riot is setting me up because how the HELL would i be getting matched with feeders EVERY SINGLE GAME. I would like some thoughts on this and maybe a few tips to help me leave this losing streak. it's seriously getting on my nerves because i try my hardest and I can never. ever. win.
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