Game is ruined

Dear rioters , dear admins . I want to say something : This game , i played this game like 4 Years and i was feeling excellent , this game cheered me up when it was needed But now , i´m feeling that this game is really ruined.And the reason why am i thinking so is because now those games are so boring. Like: Today i was playing Hecarim and i was loosing so much , why because Tryndamere , he had 100 AD At lvl with full fury , he had even Armor Pen marks. How did he even got so much dmg? Or i was playing next game darius , and i got poppy against me , and then i killed her twice , but she bought tanky items , and she killed me? I dont know even how , it just drained my health swiftly. Like what this game become? It used to be "Focus ADC" Not focus top and mid , or jungle or adc I´m golden III for info Then another struggle what i´m dealing with , is kids , this game is 12+ But there are punks who plays it lower than 12+ Or even premades which doesnt like you , because you "stole" their blue even they are not on mana and you are jungler. And then they are like "Report Lee Sin" or "Report Gragas" And opposite team is like "Hmm they are 2v1 That gragas is really trolling or feeding .. Or even toxic , because i killed MY Blue. Well thanks for reading , if you are dealing with same thing comment it . Or not , Idc i just want to say my opinion {{item:3070}}
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