Math help

Hi fellow gamers. I got this task at school that seems impossible for alot of us to solve. Would really appriciate if you guys could help me! Thank you for trying :D Problem 1 A philosopher is travelling in an archipelago, looking for an island of Maya. All islands are inhabited only by knights and knaves. He tries an island, meets two natives A and B, who make the following statements: A: both of us are knaves, and this is the island of Maya. B: At least one of us is a knight, and this is not the island of Maya. Is this the island of Maya? Problem 2 An enormous amount of loot has been stolen from the store. The criminal (or criminals) took the heist away in a car. Three well-known criminals A, B and C were brought to Scotland yard for questioning. The following facts were ascertained: No one other than A, B, C was involved in the robbery. C never pulls a job without using A (and possibly others) as an accomplice. B does not know how to drive. Is A innocent or guilty?
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