Looking for a good adc

Hello, Im looking for a good adc that always wins his lane and by always i mean every single time he wins his lane. I am a good midlaner always win my lane if you arent sure you can see my k/d/a or il show it to you by playing a game with you. Looking for a good duo because I dont have enough time to play league and rank up fast is my goal and if you get stuck in your lane you can relly on me but you need to be able to win your lane. And my current rank is gold 3 in ranked and in flex silver 2. Goal is to reach in ranked platinum 1 and in flex to reach gold. If you have doubts about your skills and dont win every game your lane please dont waste my time and yours. If your wondering what champions i like to play I mainly like assassins like:Katarina,Dian,Talon, Zed in certaint matchups and akali for as if I get top then: Riven,Jax,Irelia,Akali and Mordakaiser. Thanks for you time
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