Why all new champions ( And most reworks ) in 2019 were complicated and unique?

Neeko = steals appearance Sylas = steals ultimate Yuumi = goes into people's body and becomes unkillable ( with 5% hp stays on an ally and taunts you. what exactly you can do to kill this cat? ) Qiyana = Uses elements in the map ( environment ) Mordekaiser = Forces you to build qqs on every champ. Senna = A supparksman? ( the only thing I witnessed is that as a supp she can two-shot everyone late game. ) Aphelios = over 25 different basic attacks and abilities! ( also don't forget garon mini rework, now you see people playing garon with {{item:3153}}, and akalo rework was too far as well! ) I am not complaining at all, just trying to ask why? why all of them ( excluding pantheon ) have unique mechanics? I am just curious that is it riot's own idea or someone forcing them to make champions with complicated mechanics? ( maybe something like Tencent ) {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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