Ok got 3220 games chat restricted and i would like to discuss about it.

This system needs to be reworked, it feels like rito doesnt care about the "quality" of the "flame", like one thing is saying "Stop feed", another thing is saying "stfu retard u deserve to die with cancer bla bla bla". It started of with 30 games, 70 games, 120 games, 300 games, finnaly 700; I must say i improved a lot and i mean ALOT, i know this is just a game, even knowing i never and i mean NEVER wished anyone death, or cancer or that "X" player's family dies, i still somehow get 3.2k chat restriction, while i see people ALOT more TOXIC than me that start wishing-me cancer over and over and over just because i do heimer support or ashe jungle, while having no chat restriction. Im not saying i DONT deserve chat retriction, im saying that im 100% sure i dont deserve this much(3.2k), not even half. System needs to have a huge rework, its not an opinion, its a fact.
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