Blue Essence and XP Feedback (Discussion)

**TL;DR - Read bold sentences.** Right, so, to the point. I feel that we all (you too, Rito) need to take a thorough, unbiased look at the Blue and Orange Essence updates and new leveling system. **_1 - Blue Essence_** a) **You said you wanted to remove the "grind for IP"; instead, you made it worse.** Seriously. I mean, now you have to grind for blue essence instead in a long process, and to do that you have to first grind for XP. I don't see how this could possibly have solved the initial 'problem' (which I personally don't feel was an issue in the least). **b) The "random" factor of shard drops is unfair.** Theoretically, it is possible for one player to receive 200-300 less essence than another for every level. IP was fair in this regard. **c) It is amazing for new players.** Some friends of mine that recently started playing have been flying through champs and essence. This is a great thing, I think. **d) ...but not so much for veteran players.** I know this because I am such a player. Almost all of the shards I ever get are for champs I own, so these "big drops" of yours that I keep disenchanting for next to nothing honestly feel worthless to me. IP was rewarding; it felt good to get at the end of every game. XP is nice, but ultimately feels valueless in comparison. **e) Taking a champ to mastery 6 or 7 now _feels_ more costly (and thus less exciting).** **_2 - Orange Essence_** I understand you felt you were losing by giving players so many shards last season, and perhaps you were, and perhaps it was right to drop the disenchant value. But **did you have to drop the disenchant value by so much? Now, unlocking a legendary skin is worth disenchanting 5 others, **which can take months. This is extremely daunting. And what about someone who has no essence but wants to unlock an ultimate shard? **This also prevents people from buying hextech chests/keys.** I have bought in the past. Now I don't want to, because the value has dropped greatly. **An alternative solution that might be better is to remove champion shards from Hextech Chests (we get enough of those shards now from capsules and upcoming honor checkpoints), and have them contain only Orange Essence content.** Really, one of the worst feelings ever is waiting forever to unlock a chest only to get a champ shard for someone you already own. **_3 - XP and leveling up_** I **like the idea of infinite levels. But only as a bragging right. I don't see why this should be the source of Blue Essence. Sure, reward players with emotes at milestones, but why not simply give us blue essence along with XP at the end of each game?** That would also instill a sense of "double incentive"; that is, even though it might be no more rewarding in terms of BE than the current system, it will FEEL better (at least in my opinion, and that of other I've spoken to), and then there will be two things to be immediately rewarded with instead of one. Furthermore, for players that do prefer delayed drops, there will still be the milestone levels to look forward to. **_4 - Why are these issues important?_** Because a brief search around the web shows that **many people are unhappy with these things. Indeed, if you look solely at feedback, it seems most of it is negative.** League is one of the greatest games, and it still has potential to grow even more, but **decisions that upset the playerbase are a negative impact on growth and potential.** For example, since the changes, a friend has told me several times how it feels like there's less to play for now. He's even cut down playing a lot. This makes me wonder, how many people might actually stop because of such things? Also, **you claim that you don't want to implement change only for the sake of change; but in these instances, it's hard to see the logic.** I mean, WHY did BE have to be dropped only per level and not per game? WHY is orange essence made less valuable because players are recieving more shards (including blue essence ones, which aren't relevant)? Why can't BE be earned in customs like IP could? **In conclusion: Riot, I feel you should focus on all the feedback players are giving as much as you do on the graphs and statistics you've been defending these changes with.** Giving them XP and BE is one thing, but keeping them feeling good is another. Be careful not to ignore them too much, else this awesome game will start to suffer from it. Please, let me know what you all think of this. And if any Rioters come across this and disagree with my silly points, then please clarify for us. Thanks for the amazing game and hard work. :)
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