Rengar update

Hello guys. Long ago riot released the assasin update and what i saw is that all the assasins got better play rate expect one , Rengar. I saw the post from riot that says we should expect update to rengar after the upcoming reworks so i have some ideas. Lets take a look at old rengar s kit Passive - I think you should keep the forocity the same as in the live servers (may be add some extra seconds so you can move from 1 jungle camp to another ) Q - I think the way to balance this ability is to remove the bonus ad after use and nerf the scaling a little W - I think the best way to make it feel like an assasin ability is to remove the resists from empowered W and replace them with Move speed bonus E - Nothing to say R - i think you should keep it the same as now but replace the crit with something new So thats it guys i hope you like my ideas . {{champion:107}}
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