Anyone goes clubbing?

I go clubbin reguraly and just late night I got super drunk and wasnt feeling well, However an 'insider bouncer' form inside calmy and gently guided me out of the club with the other outisde bouncers,However I had one huge problem: I left my jacket inside, and I couldnt get in after talking, trying to persuade and even showing them my ticket, so I had to wait 2 hours until the night club had closed so that I could go back in and get my crap back (some clubs they have receptions where you can leave your jackets etc...) Has anyone experienced being kicked out and not being able to get back in to take your stuff back??? Its ridicolous, becuase I even proposed to be escorted jsut to get it back but they refused, so I had to wait 2 hours outside in 5° with a long sleeved shirt freezing my ass off until the club closed What can you do in such a situation? Its not like I provoked or talked bad or in a up tone voice to the bouncers either -_-

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