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Hello dear pebs, and welcome to this little post We (i) have the feeling that our discord channel needs some more persons to talk and hang out with, so i am also doing a thread introducing some persons of our lovely little discord channel ; ) , here is the link if you can't wait tho = (Only to mention, this isn't an incoming rank list who is the best and whatsoever, i just randomly take persons from the discord that look like great persons in my eyes) Person number 1 Wolf in Tux He is probably the most known person in our channel, probably also the most gentlemen like, oh sorry, i mean gentleporo, he is atm working at something because he wants to become a teacher, but once he comes back we will start the singing in our voicechat channels and having afterall fun, also if you have some problems, he is one of our special helpers, he always listens and can help you with the most of your problems (he also did it with me) Person Number 2 Red Panda Be carefull, she is really dangerous, once she gets you into her grip, you can't escape the hug, she can write great storys, one of our beloved Admins, and she just works to get overall cuteness into our discord (with succes), also don't trashtalk red pandas, else you will end up als pleb Person Number 3 Angelusica Probably the most creative person on our channel, trust me, she can write storys that top everything you have mostly seen on the interweeb, and that already without letting her creativity a free2go, talking with her feels great and the storys she writes are afterall really worth reading (You can read the storys in our story channel, if you need the link for it, ask Rich or Vixen) Person Number 4 Delde115 You won't expect it from him but he is really funny, he can overall talk really good and fnds good themes to talk about, one of the funny thing is, his profile picture is BeyMax, and i am sure it is a refrence from him being an Bard main, since these two guys, Beymax and Bard are really not that different from each other, i am sure you will enjoy talking with him, he is also really good in finding memes, if you are up to that Person number 5 Rich Rich, the legend himself on this channel, he is the only reason why we have a place to talk and hangout, and also sing, he is a great person and Admin, and without him we would still sit in the no-communication area since clubs are dead now Person Number 6 Vixen 7 There is so much to tell about her, she is overall a really motivating person and encourages us all the time to write storys, whatever you do, as long as it is nothing evil Vixen 7 will like it, she is overall a really nice admin Person Number 7 GPet Hoi, i heard u missed somebody? Here is GPet, now in our Discord with a fluffy_cave channel, if you really miss GPet and want to talk to her again, just come on our discord, she hangs out over here now (Because we have chocolates) Person Number 8 Ruthlesslink Overall a funny person who you could always talk to, you can tell him about your problems, or just talk with him about Overwatch/League of Legends, actually one of my best friends on this discord, also he loves Mercy just as much as i do <3 Person Number 9 Dardasim ~~Most salty overwatch player ever~~ (No honestly, he has all the right to be salty when he gets the most dmg done as Zarya) He is a really great person to talk to, you can talk to him about whatever you want, politics, the world, whatever comes to your mind, also he is really active Person Number 10 KekOfTheFinestFams Our little guy, who wants that we write fanfics about him and his right hand, also tryed it but it is not worth to share on the story channel :P, he is also really active and funny, and has always good cat memes Person number 11 I'm so MercyFull That's me, aka. Heros Never die, 100% Legit Mercy main, i ship myself with Mercy, Necromercer be carefull, im retarded **** That is the most i can tell at the moment, if you like any of these persons, feel free to join our discord at any time, we are friendly and also talk about other things than overwatch or League, if you wan't to, also we will sing Karaoke soon with Wolf in Tux, so don't miss it! Here the link again =
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