So u want to Beat onslaught and get the Ziggs shard? No problem

Hey guys, its me, a random player :p. First of all, i beat the mode with 4 Jinx players and one Sona, sona helped us out a lot! Jinx augments: Sona augments: Jinx Items : First item Deaths Dance (Sonas shield can absorb the 33% damage u get afterwards) cdr and insane Healing through ult 2. Nashors tooth (more CDR and ap!) 3.Rabadons 4. Liandrys 5. Just put Ionian boots in the Build whenever u feel like it 6. Ap or Ad item This is NO troll, ur rocket tracks scale insanely good with AP, snipe Important Targets (Like Velkoz) and enjoy insane AOE damage and Clear (about 1.5 million Damage and more possible after a game, look at total damage dealt, not at Damage dealt to champions!) Enjoy ur rocket spamm and efficient clear! Sona items: Full SUpport and fit in a Rabadons or so in the End, shields eat the Damage a jinx gets thorugh Deaths dance and the MS buffs helps out so much ! Her ult is a star sometimes aswell :D! Play carefull if u get to kayn, u dont have to always stick together, sometimes splitting is a great solution, never forget your Odyssey flashes! Focus important targets (For example velkoz snipe groups) or totally destroy ur enemy with hitting as many ppl as u can with jinx rockets! Also, never forget to dodge, sona allows u to do a few mistakes and Deaths dance does aswell, but without dodging a bit ull never make it :D! I believe in u guys, if i did it, u can too. Have fun while slaughtering ur enemys :D! Some proof btw :D Also, dont spamm ur W like crazy, u could go OOM, a few W's and E's are enough as jinx :D! Edit : I just realized, i did it with only 3 Augments,thought the passive counts aswell! So this is pretty much for the Wardskin if u still need it :D
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