How the Ping affects you

Now some of you sure have thought about that and came to a simple conclusion that the better the ping the better you can react. But some of you underastimate the difference a few miliseconds can make while playing. I on myself play usually with a max ping of 19ms, however if it happens and my ping goes 30+ I di start to feel a difference. Even the difference from 28 to 30 does show up while I'm playing. Now the first thing is the time you can react, the lower the ping the better you can react and that does not make that big of a difference. But what I have found out so far: It makes quite a difference in things like prediction or simply a burst combo you wanna pull off. If you predict something your brain is set on that secobds before you even pull out the play. If your brain triggers the "NOW" factor you get first a delay by the movement of your finger and from that on into the cpu and the server. Now in this case a few miliseconds can make some huge differences sometimes. Thankyou for reading my post and yeah I do say with that the better ping you have the better you play!
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