New season starts tomorrow - Season 9

In season 7 I stopped playing ranked once I reached plat 5. In season 8 I stopped playing ranked once I reached gold 1. The reason is in season 5 I realized that being a one trick limits what I can offer to my team. So I played to get the rewards in season 8 (even though I could have easily hit plat) but most importantly I heavily invested in playing new champs practicing them in flex. Now I think I have a good roster. **My roster in season 7 was:** Mid: {{champion:103}} , Support: {{champion:267}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:117}} Top: {{champion:98}} **My new roster is as follows: ** Mid: {{champion:103}} , {{champion:4}} , {{champion:61}} , {{champion:245}} Support: {{champion:267}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:412}} , {{champion:98}} , {{champion:117}} Top: {{champion:98}} , {{champion:114}}, {{champion:83}} adc:{{champion:236}} So my roles have widen a bit, and I have much more options. Of course my go to champs are shen and ahri. But I believe this season I will hit diamond. Did anyone else widen their roster for season 9?
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