-an open letter to riot games- "Why I decided to quit playing League of Ledgends"

There are many reason that i have to quit playing League but the 3 most important are: 1) Riot keeps changing the game and patching and buffing and nerfing and creating new champs {{champion:142}} or reworking them {{champion:50}} and new runes new items new EVERYTHING! But the problem is: most of the time, they dont make it better. Riot is destroying their own game! Seriously League is dieying. And the reason is that riot wont stop patching and changing the game until it is not much longer the game we all loved to play. 2) The toxic and rude players: After playing the game for almost 3 years now i think i would say i know almost everything about it. And one thing i was thinking about from the moment i started playing it: why are there so many toxic/rude/racist players in League who just dont do anything else the whole game then spamming insults and other stuff in team- and allchat. And why do i get banned for writing "%%%% you" 1 single time and an enemy player who writes it 10 times and gets 2 reprots after the game dont.... And right there we are at my third reason wich is: 3) The ban systhem: Leagues ban systhem is the most inaccurate sythem i may have seen on the entire internet. It happened to me in the most rediculous way you can prpably imagine: I was playing a normal game in SR when an enemy fiddle started flaming my botlane in the most rude way possible.(he also wrote %%% like 5 times) The adc in my team was a premade with me, but we just queded up together and where not talking to each other. Anyhow, he asked what "%%%" means and i wrote in chat: "------"%%%" means "kill yourself" And for EXPLAYNING what a bad word means, i got my almost 500$ account permabanned..... Im done Riot games.{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
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