The game is dying *League of legends 2018*

Hello guys, I've just come to the conclusion that this game is going to die, slowly but steady. Why is that? Too many changes, many of the players and especially the ones who gave a f%#k about this game are gone. Why I'm saying that? It's simple, most of the players were from my generation 20 years +. We were the ones who played since beta, or since season 1/2/3. Those players have jobs, families, and responsibilities now. And the next generation prefers more like Fortnite, Overwatch or whatever is in trend right now, they are more like a fantasy generation, and it's not a bad thing, just that they have no appeal for league what so ever. I've seen that lately on my friend list are 3-9 players online, from 180-200 active players that were always online on season 3/4/5/6 even on season 7 I had minimum 100 players always on, every night, every day, they were there. And then I've found the answer, it's actually in league, in the game. There is no strive for competition anymore, climbing the ladder is not something that makes's you proud anymore, it's more like a struggle, the game itself it became a stressful way to spend your free time, instead of being a nice and pleasant experience with your head feeling dizzy about 1 night full of ranked games. It's because of the community, the players, and the whole money making hunger, don't get me wrong I've spent on those 8 years of league more than 5-6k euros and back in the days I was proud but now I'm feeling like I lost money for what, skins are made in a hurry, new champions are made in a new style instead of being actually fun to play, instead of this struggle to innovate, they should think more of expanding what they already have, a fanbase that is almost vanished because of the unnecessary changes, in a short period of time. I'm gonna tell you a story that happened like several hours ago and made me realize one of the big reason that this game get's crappy. Played like 3 games on solo q, the people from those games were not giving a damn about anything, first game, enemy team trolls like crazy, after a bad invade where they gave us 3 free kills, they were literally spamming on all chat "report player x pls", "no, no report player y" and so on, without any sense of actually enjoying the game and trying to fight back for it, they simply gave up after a bad invade. The next game I'm autofilled, went support and my jungler does not have any impact on the game, top laner gives up, starts to blame and went afk farming, midlaner get's stomped while he instalocks Yasuo as first pick, we won bot, had the game threw after 20 minutes, couldn't do nothing more, enemy outscaled, end of story. But the next game, the creme a'la crem. Where I'm getting adc role and my jungler is Jax, but this Jax player simply had no clue on how to play his champion, or how jungle role feels like, this happens on a diamond elo, at first I was thinking that he has mini-map off or he trolls, but this guy actually had no clue on how to play the game itself AT DIAMOND ELO. We lost the game, all lanes were ruined, we all had minimum 10-15 k dmg on enemy team and our Jax made only 1 K DMG ON ENEMY TEAM. I mean even if I take a toaster and throw it at my keyboard several times it will still make more than 1k of dmg on enemy team at the end of 30 minutes of play. So many players are like "First time X champion, xD" No, that's wrong, and it should not be this way. There is a feeling of ruining my time on lol running through my mind. So the final concluion, there are way fewer players than before, most of the players at this current period of time do not know how to play the game, not expecting to be a challenger, but if you build Blade of the ruined king on Shen as your first item, or if you go evelyn jungle and blame midlane because he said that enemy is missing but not followed, and she ends up dead FIVE TIMES IN A ROW, I mean if you die once in your jungle, ok lesson should be learned, they warded your jungle you have to care, also when your midlaner signals like crazy that the enemy midlaner is missing you should be on alert, not constantly hitting those wolves like nothing happen. And the least of all, our beloved Jax player which I'm not gonna reveal his name, even if I want to, 1K dmg on enemy team at the end of the 30 minutes game. UNREAL. So guys, I know I've wrote quite a lot, but I do have a hope that you will have the patience to read and try to understand my frustration of seeing this game dying step by step. I love this game, but there is no competition anymore, there is no balance between teams anymore, one stomps another and vice-versa, there are too many not knowing how to play the actual game type of players, there are some marketing stunts that are downgrading the game instead of making it shine. And then there is too much of a stress playing this game instead of being an enjoyable experience, sometimes you get yourself angry, mad after just 1 game like never before. It's not about the toxic community, there was always toxicity on league, and most of us loved it because it was fun in a way or another, and sarcasm was smartly placed in some in-game conversations like never before, it's about you, the guys who are behind this game, the guys who are playing and paying to see this game evolve, the guys who are ruining the game behind the scenes with the need of change, you don't need to change something that was not broken, you don't need to always innovate, you can do that with baby steps, not shifting meta's every twice a month, you can make champions from tons of ideas, but think about the players behind their computers, think about expanding our souls, get back to the old idea of summoners controlling champions, make that bond real again. Have a great time, all of you guys, Sincerely, kaTsú.
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