Queye dodgeing in ranked games (LOW ELO)

This happens waaaaay to much. I want to play a ranked game in my ELO. I choose my pick based on the enemy team. My teammates seem to love asassins in the jungle or top or master yi couse they think it is easy to play... While that aint the case in the actual game and 90% of games we dont use a tanky top and jungler we loose couse of that fact. So my solution to the problem is queye dodgeing these kind of games. I then get the 6 min ban and if im lucky (and i mean it) next team chooses picks wisely... I think that the solution for this problem outweghts the problem caused with queye dodge. Pls if it is possible do something to help us (like a 2 times dodge before 10min ban or something in the way) Thank you in advance!
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