Need Help to Edit a GIF

Hi, I am a complete noob in video / GIF editing and i'd need some help. Basically i'd like to make a gif of the Mastery 6 to 7 animation but without an ugly black background. I've been searching a way for hours now but nothing really seems to work like i would need it to. The only thing i found that could potentially work was to basically take each image of the gif and edit them separately. Wouldn't be a problem if only the gif i want to edit didn't have so many frames (and i can't reduce their number without ruining the fluidity)... I Could of course do it but i think that it would just be a waste of time. Especially if there is a simple solution that wouldn't require me to take 48hrs off my schedulde to edit those frames. So if anyone has that kind of secret technique and is willing to share it with me, it would be much appreciated :D (Or if anyone that works at Riot already has that kind of video/gif in stock ? That would literally save me :3 )
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