The recent drama.

Hello there, my dear and loving community. This is Kapy. You may know me and be one of the people who find me disgusting and cruel and stuff like this. But today I would like to talk about a serious subject. Recently articles appeared attacking Riot games, about Sexism and stuff like this. And in return Riot games decided to ban males in a major part of the PAX duration. But this was not the only drama that happened. Some of the Riot games champion designers and other such people decided to make their opinion about the whole think public. A huge amount of the community got pissed off at the sexist and pretty much racist comments of these individuals, which is understandable. I would like to point out that the term racism and sexism stand for "belief of ones race/gender is superiority to the rest", this means it can go towards any race and towards any gender (not my issue in how many you believe exist). When we put that on the side, the people who's names I shall not write did throw insults towards the community. The question here is why did these Rioters started expressing their extreme political views now? Why did this happen after this article? Why is this an issue now? It may sound as a conspiracy theory, but. Gaming has recently become huge and by huge I mean it's bigger than hollywood these days. The money flowing in gaming manages to catch the eye of political parties from all around the world and big corporations. Greed and current social justice chaos going all around and with all the crisis causing racial chaos as well is being abused by corrupt media or other such for the benefit of the said parties. What's the goal you say? For once, the quick buck from the industry. Secondly most likely the destruction of it or at least control over some of the companies. The so called "social justice warriors" always existed in the company, they just didn't feel as if they need to go so drastic. Now with the drama and seen support from outside forces, they feel entitled of spreading their beliefs. Last time I spoke about such stuff I was called crazy and insulted. But the recent events just make me feel entitled of saying "I told you so", but I'll restrain myself for the moment. Now you'll ask what's my goal? I noticed Red and Green names expressing opinions. Some are supporting the "privilege" movement and others are supporting the "we are all equal" side. This shows that people within the company are unsure of what's going on themselves. And instead of the whole community fighting each other at the moment, or fighting the mods, the rioters and so on. WE should stand unite. Not as females, males, transgenders (ect), but as Gamers, as we are first and mostly gamers. We love our games. Our games are our hobbies and our joy. Sure we might get angry at other people during the games. We might joke, go a bit drastic. But does this mean that we as gamers should hate each other because of a corrupt third party which is trying to divide us? Do we really want the number 1 game for so many years to fall? I am pretty sure that a lot of the people who said that they'll boycott still love the game and feel sad for having to leave it over such stupid things. I know the owner of the company doesn't believe in firing people over mean tweets or reddit posts. And for the first time I agree. The said Rioters should NOT be fired. They should be fined for the insults towards the community and made clear that politics got no place at work, especially in a gaming company. Repeating the insult should result to a higher fine and if it becomes a casual thing for the said person then they'll have to leave their post. Because of the recent PAX discrimination towards male gamers, Riot games should make an event for ALL their player base. And make a competition with ALL artists and cosplayers. This way they will show the community that they still care and that they see us all as equal. Nobody is born privileged. Everyone is born the same. Only difference is the life you'll have. The parents you'll have. Some are born poor, live as beggars no matter the race or gender. Others are born rich and live with privilege which money provides, no matter the race or gender. Some are born beautiful, others ugly. Some go fat and some go skinny. Nothing makes you better than the rest, or more privileged. Some love gaming and are aiming at gaming and make a career in game. Others want to make the world happy with beauty so they become models allowing both females and males to enjoy it, not matter who or what they are. Actually, you know what? Every human is born privileged. Privileged with the opportunity to live in this world and to have the chance to make a difference no matter of the race, gender or size. Beethoven was deaf and he made a difference in this world. Stevie Wonder is black and blind and he changed the world and keeps changing it with his music. There is a lot of other examples in history and the current time of such people. Thank you for your time folks. Hope I helped with my horrible English. Don't hate each other. Unite with each other. Don't spread hate because of people on high places and their manipulation. Spread the love for games. \o
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