Bring Stella home!

Hello ladies and gentleman, Today I am very sadened to some news I have received from an ex of mine. Long story short, her and I used to be together for over 3 years and it didnt work out. I then moved to France to run a company with my familly which isnt very successful as of this momment. While her and I were together in the U.S.A, we had gotten a ferret named Stella. She was like a kid to me. I have so much time on my hands to take care of her now. She is not even 2 years old. When we broke up, she kept the ferret and took great care of it. Recently, she had a kid. She would like to get rid of the ferret and give it to an animal shelter because she has no more time for it, due to the kid in play. I feel as though this is not fair to this ferret and that she deserves so much more than to be MAYBE euthenized or be in a shelter with a bunch of other animals which she is NOT used to. Stella was my first mammel that I owned and I was very close to it. I asked her to keep it for atleast two weeks before giving it away. I would like for you guys to tell me if I should start a fund raising campaign to bring her to France where she would be loved again? The total trip would be around $2000 I would also like for people to share this post if possible. Thank you. Sincerely, Blake.
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