Hi everyone! I've coded midorfeed.net and I would like to hear your thoughts.

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I am the owner and creator of https://midorfeed.net/ and I wanted to give you a brief presentation hoping to get some feedback. First of all I am aware that there are MANY sites in the community giving decent information about league of legends, but that didn't hold me back from testing my coding skills and prove myself that I was able to handle anything during the course of this project. Let me explain. You might want to question this desire , and it totally makes sense. I had so many job rejections in the past 6 months that I had to question myself whether I was worthy to be hired or not. And when you keep asking the same questions over and over again about a subject, it becomes your nightmare trust me. I am a passionate gamer and programmer. I wanted to give it a try by digging the RIOT Games API at the beginning of this year. Here I am now, after 10 months of work my website is live and running. After redeeming myself :) let me say a few facts about midorfeed: *In terms of champion stats, it's not even close to be compared to other sites like op.gg but I'll get there soon. Such as trends, ban rate , pick rate etc... *I wanted to let the "non-professional" team players to be able to show themselves from their custom team page. So you can basically register your team via the register page and have your own custom team page with your logo in it, where you can check your stats, champion pools , game details etc... https://midorfeed.net/en/euw1/register *I'll be soon implementing a new system where “non-professional" players from each region can be featured in the main page due to their recent performances. *I'll be adding the pro page for you to check quickly the pro players and link to their dashboard. Let's carry on with the different sections of midorfeed Here are the sections of my website: Leaderboards -Page where you can find the top players from your region, I’ll add the team section when I’ll have enough registered teams. https://midorfeed.net/en/euw1/leaderboards Champions -Ranking of all the champions based on win rate and total played since last month in Diamond and above ranking. The most popular are by logic the most played https://midorfeed.net/en/champions Champion -In this page you can check the items, runes, skill orders of your favorite champion. It gives you an idea on how top players play your champion and an insight on how you might want to build your champion in game. https://midorfeed.net/en/champion/Shyvana Summoner Dashboard -All the information that you need to know about your summoner. Recent Games, Leagues, Last 20 games performances, mastery champions, live games. https://midorfeed.net/en/euw1/dashboard/MagiFaker Featured Games -Updated every 5 minutes to show you the featured games of your region https://midorfeed.net/en/euw1/featuredGames Game detail -Detailed game detail page. where you can check how every single summoner performed. Information about Builds, timeline, runes. https://midorfeed.net/en/euw1/gamedetail/3790645574/71136981 Hope I was clear enough and sorry for my poor english. That's it! Thank you for reading and sharing your time. Hope you can enjoy the site like I did :) Have a nice day.
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