Unranked to Bronze 2 to Gold 4 in 65 games (What I noticed and did). // general thoughts.

Before I start, I want to point out that I dont consider myself to be a pro at the game. I know there are players who are a lot better than me. Im only making this thread to point out exactly what I witnessed in my games, and how I managed to self improve and learned to put trust not only on my teammates but trust in myself as well. I know that there are a lot of youtube videos from Challengers and Diamonds saying how they know everything about Bronze and silver elo when they were there _over 5 years ago_; and how "nothing has changed" (which is not entirely true). While most of those people speak from long-fantasied memories, I thought I'd express my thoughts (which are currently 4 days old and pretty fresh). So, last warning, Im only going to say what I witnessed (both good and bad) and what I did to get out of bronze and silver. Most of the tips I'll say (if I say any), everyone has said countless of times in countless of youtube videos and threads, and honestly, it is the goddamn truth. If you follow them by heart you'll get out. ___________________ One of the things I want to immediately debunk is the existance of the word "Elo Hell". This does not exist, I noticed this to actually be a **mental blockade**. Elo Hell usually appears out of nowhere, but funny enough it showed up mostly after everytime I had a winning spree. The moment I won 3 games in a row, an immediate 2 or 4 straight losses in a row would pop up. Not only would I blame myself, but I would also blame my teammates. And in one of these moment of "elo hell" I had a few afk/open lane teammate who rage quitted because: 1) Didnt get a single kill after the 15 minute mark, 2) toplane did not get his lvl 2 jungle gank, 3) Intentionally left the game at minute 3 (so our team could not remake), 4) A genuin internet disconexion from my adc. Now, why do I call it a mental block rather than "Elo Hell"? Well, in the 3 of the 4 examples showned, all the players got tilted because they believed that if they did not win lane, they automatically lost the game. **_That is not trolling, that is purely not believing in your teammates or your capabilities to make a comeback_**. Because let me tell you right now, every single game I played was 95% winninable from both sides, its genuinly that much of a 50-50 in Bronze and Silver. Now, this does not counter the fact that there are people who intentionally go into a ranked game and simply fck their team on purpose, but from my experience, I only saw that **ONCE** (An enemy Hecarim going into every lane to get killed by turrets). If also seen people threat to troll in games, and I wont lie, some have done it, but I've noticed that this is just a lame pathetic strategy to get people scared and make them follow the commands of the troll and funny enough, everytime said troll takes command as the shot caller of the team, that team lost. Out of the 65 games I've played, only 4 of them had intetional trolls. While "Elo Hell" does cover some of the grounds of toxicity, I might as well also mention some verbal toxicity. Overall, the toxicity is low (from my experience at least). The only two alarming insults I have seen were "stop living you failed Chernobyl experiement" and "you're a waste of Oxygen" (one of those insults was targetted at me. There was also your typical "get can-...". Out of the 65 games, I've seen a toxic chat only 6 times. 6 games out of 65 game is not bad at all. Again, this was from my experience. Now speaking of chat. Bronze and Silver use chat a lot. I even used it a lot. But my intentions for using chat was because **_in Bronze and Silver people do not understand smart pings_**. Im not saying every single player, but its common for at least one memeber of your team to not understand. The reason I use chat is because pings are very limiting and are extremely context dependent, and if a single player does not understand the context, then the ping is completely useless. Something Im learning as an English philologist is that **_if people do not understand the signals to communicate then the conexion is lost._** It is a lot more simple to type a shotcall in chat than to use a smart ping in certain scenarios. Some examples: "push X lane, add pressure"; "take Herald/dragon!"; "X champion ROAMING!" ; "Stop!"; "Start!" (start the baron for example); "Go!". Some longer examples "Get dragon AWAY from PIT!". You people have no idea how many dragons can be stolen in lower elos. Getting the dragon away from the pit is almost mandatory and a smart ping cannot help you communicate that. ___ On a different topic, Vision. One of the benefits of legitimately maining support is the fact that you actually get vision in the map. Teammates in Bronze and Silver DO NOT ward constantly, for some odd reason. The reason why games are 50-50 in Bronze and Silver is because the lack of vision gives the opposing team a chance to make a comback and ultimately win the game. Once the two turrets in midlane fall its all about which teammate is dumb enough to walk alone in an unwarded area. And when people team up in the midlane for a push, not a single soul wards behind them for a possible flank. Now, as a support main, it is my job to get vision, but when you already have wards down and cannot place more, your entire team is blind because they do not use their wards. _**You can get to Gold simply by placing down wards. **_ https://i.imgur.com/WK3i6AM.jpg In this image I highlighted the areas were people do not ward once the turrets are destroyed and people are pushing. I have lost a lot of games because a teammate did not place a ward in those areas. If everyone places a ward trinket you are guanranteed to have 6 wards (9 if there are also control wards) in the map. And the sad truth, you mostly see 4 wards from the support and one or two from the adc or toplaner. Losing teams comeback right there, 100% of the time because the winning team got flanked due to lack of vision. **If you are pushing the midlane, WARD IN THOSE AREAS.** There is a reason why everyone who clibs says "vision wins games", it's because it does. ___ Something else I have witnessed. **Trust and self worth**. This part will get a bit preachy but it has its points. I am a person who naturally does not believe in themselves. I do not believe in myself, I do not trust myself, I sometimes think that my birth should not have happened. It's a long story and I will not talk about it. Anyway, since I first joined League in 2013, and my first time ever playing ranked in 2014, I told myself that Id never get Gold (Gold is goal for many people and the reasons are obvious). And 5 years later, I finally did it. It took a couple of tries, but I got to gold for the first time ever and it feels great. It gave me a confidence boost that I havent felt in years, and it's all because I finally decided to trust in myself (mostly) and learned to trust my teammates. One of the key ingredients to climbing is confidence, and if you don't have it, you wont climb, and that not just a tip for league but for life as well. You need to be confident in yourself, but dont get overconfident (that's why Plat 1 players cannot reach Diamond :p). And just to let you know, I still dont believe in myself when it comes to certain things. ___ Champion pools. Keep them short and learn at least a champion that can fck up the enemy team. Coming in to ranked this season, I nailed my support pool to a few champions. {{champion:432}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}}. I also played some {{champion:201}}. Noticed that the champions are fairly the same style (tanky), and one of the champions can fck up the entire enemy team, **Bard**. Now, if you have seen countless of "unranked to challenger videos" and all that stuff, every single youtuber says the same thing -->_ Play simple champions_. And they are right, Leona and Thresh helped get from Bronze 1 to Silver 2 (I skipped Silver 3 because my mmr was high enough). However, once I got to silver 2, I starting playing Bard exclusively, and its the champion that got me to Gold 4. Already, I broke an "important" rule about climbing low elo, and that is not to playing mechanically difficult champions. And Bard has an incredible high ceiling for a support. The reason I one tricked pony Bard at the last sprint was for a few reasons, the biggest one being that his ultimate can turn the game into his favor. **_Learn at least a champion with an ultimate that can delete a whole team or cc a whole team._** ___ Overall skill level. I saw no difference from Bronze 2 to Silver 2. Once I got to Silver 2 and promoted to Gold 4, I saw a significant change. Mechanical skill is overall the same. A Bronze 2 Vayne does just as well as a Silver 3 Vayne. But a Silver2/Silver1 Yasuo can out play a Silver4/Silver3 Yasuo. The skill difference I have witness was decision making and macro level plays. Now, yeah silver doesnt have amazing macro, but from what I have seen, there is a noticeable difference once you reach Silver 2 (not huge, but big enough to notice). And that is what Ultimately seperates High Bronze from High Silver, in-game map awareness and decision making. So, pay attention to the map and you´ll get out of Bronze no problem. ___________ And as a side note, learn to take some risks. ___ Anyway, this is what I've seen and done in my 65 games. If it can help you, great; if it not, then I hope the thread entertained you. Now, before I leave, I want to remind you that what I posted is what I witnessed in my 65 games. Things I learned from and things that made me change my mentality. I thought getting Gold was a dream that would never come true and I managed to do it, so if noob like me somehow fcking did it, then there's no doubt you can as well. If you are in Bronze 2 right now, you have a chance, the skill gap is nonexistant
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